September 2, 1861 C.S.A. Currency - Third Issue

Keatinge / Ball

[1861 $50 Note]

$50 - (T116) - President of the CSA, Jefferson Davis, at center. Black and Green, Blank back.

[1861 $20 Note]

$20 - (T121) - Alexander Stephens, VP of the CSA, in the center. Black and Green. Blank back.

[1861 $10 Note]

$10 - (T123) - Wagon and cotton bales in center. John Ward on the left. Men gathering corn on the right. Blank back.

[1861 $10 Note]

$10 - (T124) - R.M. Hunter on left and a child on the right. Black and orange/red. Blank back.

[1861 $10 Note]

$10 - (T126) - Hope with anchor in the center. R.M. Humter on left and C. Memminger on the right. Blank back. This note is available with and without the red "XX" overprint.

[1861 $5 Note]

$5 - (T132) - Blacksmith with hammer and anvil at right. Boy on left. Orange overprint. Blank back.

[1861 $5 Note]

$5 - (T133) - C. Memminger in the center. Black and green/yellow/blue. Blank back. This note is also printed in black only and a "V" in the lower right hand corner.

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