September 2, 1861 C.S.A. Currency - Third Issue

B. Duncan

[1862 $20 Note]

$20 - (T120) - Woman (Industry) seated behind a large 20 in the center. Hope with anchor at right. Alexander Stephens (VP of the CSA) on the left. Blank back.

[1861 $10 Note]

$10 - (T129) - Slave picking cotton. Boat scene at right. Blank back.

[1861 $10 Note]

$10 - (T130) - General Francis Marion offering dinner to Sir Banistree Tarleton during the Revolutionary War. R.M. Hunter at lower left. Minerva at right. Blank back.

[1861 $5 Note]

$5 - (T137) - Sailor and Cotton bales in center. Christopher Memminger, CSA cabinet member, at left. Justice and Ceres at right. Blank back.

[1861 $2 Note]

$2 - (T138) - Representation of the Confederacy striking down the Union in center with Judah Benjamin, a Confederate Cabinet Member, on the left. This note is smaller that most other notes. It is also considered at printing error as the note was actually issued in 1862 (4th issue) but was printed with the wrong year. Blank back.

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