September 2, 1862 C.S.A. Currency - Enigmatical Issues

[9/2/1862 $10 Note]

$10 - (T208) - Woman reclining on cotton bale, R.M.T. Hunter, Confederate Cabinet Member on right. Black printing on white paper. Blank back.

There are two other notes in this series but they never were never actually used by the CSA government. The first (E10) is a ten simular to the above but there is an "X" in the upper right hand corner and Ceres surrounded by agricultural products in the center. The second (E20) is a $20 note with numbers in the lower left and upper right with Liberty seated with a shield. All three notes have Hunter in the lower right. The last two notes have printed signatures. There was no act of Congress to issue notes with the date of 9/2/1862. It most likely should have been 1861 but a printing error was made.

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